Monday, October 17, 2005

RIP Charles Rocket

Good lord. I'll always remember Charles Rocket best as the twitchy Grossberg from the brilliant 1987 Max Headroom series. He will be remembered by most, however, as the SNL castmember (Reagan impressions and Weekend Update anchor) who said "fuck" on live TV, prompting the firing of himself and most of the cast of that ill-fated 1980-81 incarnation of the show. It was well-known that he was very unhappy about the direction his career had taken (mostly sub-B movies and video game voices), but that alone can't account for his particularly brutal suicide.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He was great in "Earth Girls are Easy". I loved his villain roles, but I loved him more on SNL. I always wanted to see him play an antihero leading role someday. Too bad my favs never get the breaks in Hollywood.

9:44 PM  
Blogger Aaron Neathery said...

Too bad my faves always end up killing themselves or dying young. Charles Rocket was one of the few SNL castmembers whose career I regularly followed, along with Phil Hartman and Chris Farley.

10:20 AM  
Blogger Nicko said...

Rocket had an especially tough road to hoe. Back when he joined SNL he was being touted as the new Chevy Chase. Unfortunately, Rocket chose to side with Jean Doumanian, the ill suited producer, against Eddie Murphy and Joe Piscopo, the true future leaders of the show. Rockets fall was sped along by his indiscrete choice of words during that ill fated sketch. I personally had no sympathy for him at the time. His arrogance seemed to be begging for a fall. Later, I began to sympathize more. Eddie Murphy (whom I briefly worked with) turned out to be 100 times more arrogant than Rocket ever was, and Piscopo fell by the wayside as soon as Murphy dumped him. Now Rocket is in that comedy limbo along with Clyde Bruckman, Paul McCullough, and Max Linder...good company indeed,

8:10 AM  
Anonymous yasmin said...

Charlie never said the F word on purpose. It was a mistake. He was made the scapegoat.....

I have no doubt in my mind this one mistake followed him throughout his life & in fact i believe it cost him his life.

He was due to have gone & filmed the SNL 80's lost & found documentary a few hours after his body was found. Coincidence? I think not.....

The brutal way in which he took his life represented a huge amount of self-hatred & rage against himself as well as others.

For some pics of Charlie click on my name above.


reason for suicide

15th April 2007

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