Thursday, September 01, 2005

"Who knew?" says Disaster President.

- President Bush on Good Morning America, 9/1/05

Well, for starters, a bunch of librul, evolution-believin', atheist eggheads have been suggesting such a thing was damn near inevitable for years. But what did they know? According to the Washington Post:

"The president's most recent budgets have actually proposed reducing funding for flood prevention in the New Orleans area, and the administration has long ignored Louisiana politicians' requests for more help in protecting their fragile coast, the destruction of which meant there was little to slow down the hurricane before it hit the city."

The potential for disaster was also suggested in almost every TV, radio, and newspaper story on Katrina as it approached New Orleans, but I forgot.. Dubya doesn't get news out in Crawford. I wouldn't trust Dubya to play SimCity, let alone lead the "free world". Electing Bush to two terms was an act of national suicide. Past the (thus far flailing) efforts to cope with this catastrophe, the big issue is this: after all the manly chest-beating over America's emergency preparedness following 9/11, New Orleans is in a state of anarchy following a closely watched hurricane whose after-effects were predicted years ago. Yet I suspect that the federal response to the outcry for better disaster preparedness is going to be more metal detectors and a few more draconian laws designed to root out potential "evildoers".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aaron, Thanks for your blog, which attracted me with your surname (any relation to Herbie in Houston area? There's so much to comment on I don't know where to begin. A new meaning to 'know nothing' is now back from his vacation, though #2 is still on his, at an undisclosed location no doubt. The Cabinet set up a mtg and had it w/o him. Maybe Karl, the 2nd most powerful man in this Adm. (after Cheney) did it. The footage shows who's really suffering, the poor and blacks. I'd be pissed too and would be tempted to shoot at someone. No car to evacuate with (let them drive the station wagon). Makes me sick.

5:06 PM  
Blogger Aaron Neathery said...

I'm in Houston and although I don't know Herbie Neathery, it's a certainty that we're related. It's not that big a family.

I'm stunned by how poorly handled this situation has been and, as little as I think of this administration, their slow reaction has come as a shock. These are politicians for God's sake! They're never supposed to miss an opportunity to grandstand! And yet Condi Rice was on vacation in NYC today buying thousand dollar shoes, Cheney is nowhere to be seen, and Bush is spouting the most mindnumbingly hollow platitudes I've ever heard from a president during a crisis. It's becoming more and more clear to me that their devil-may-care attitude has everything to do with the race and class of the majority of Katrina's victims.. many of whom had no choice but to stay behind.

5:37 PM  

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