Thursday, September 29, 2005

Society's End, tricksters, and bellzukies...

The Society's End sessions are finished! What we have sounds excellent and, needless to say, light years ahead of our 1993-94 work. The bad news is that Josh and I ran out of time and had to whittle down our plans for a full album into a mini-album. The good news is that, as we don't have enough material to warrant a full CD, we'll be uploading the entire mini-album, Yes, Sonic Ted?, to in December as our Christmas gift to all you snarfy kats who have an interest in such things. CAN U DIG IT??

In other news:
Bill Sherman has posted a blog entry about one of my favorite movies, H. G. Lewis's Jimmy the Wonder Boy! For the past few years I've been mulling over a possible "Aaron Marx" storyline that would involve the JTWB character Mr. Fig, the Time Killer, but I'm not too clear on the legal issues involved. I have a soft spot for unhinged trickster figures. It's a pity there aren't many (if any) female tricksters in fiction. I'm sure Joseph Campbell would have something to say about that... and maybe I should do something about it myself.

And speaking of Joseph Campbell, fewer things are nicer than Joe Harnell's recording of So Soon from his 1967 album Bossa Now!. In fact, thanks to Bossa Now!, I finally learned about the bellzukie, one of those extremely cool instruments that seem all too specific to mid-to-late 60s lounge music. Invented by Vinnie Bell, the bellzukie has a sound that you recognize instantly but can never quite place, and which lets you know immediately that the recording was made sometime between 1966 and 70. As it says in the liner notes, the bellzukie "is another sound maker that has the freshness and vitality of today" with a "musical range from the whine of a Honda to the mellowness of a cello". It's exactly the kind of neglected instrument that needs to be rediscovered by groups like TMBG.


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