Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Infinite downward spiral...

So he wasn't even running from the London Metropolitan Police? It seems that the Met lied about essentially everything regarding their July 22nd murder of Brazilian immigrant Jean Charles de Menezes in the Stockwell Tube station. According to leaked documents from the Independent Police Complaints Commission, De Menezes was wearing a denim jacket, not a potentially bomb-laden "winter-style coat", didn't run from the police, and was sitting down in the train when he was grabbed, forced to the ground, and shot eight times in the head. Just as alarming is the suggestion that this was a matter of mistaken identity, with De Menezes being "positively identified" by police as suspect "fifth bomber" Osman Hussain, aka Hamdi Issac, who has since been taken into custody in Rome without a struggle. Apparently the police in Rome don't have a shoot-to-kill/ask-questions later policy. Here's an easy prediction; we're going to be seeing a lot more of this as police on both sides of the Atlantic become increasingly comfortable with the notion of acceptable civilian losses in order to protect the greater good (and why not get comfortable with it if you can always blame your tragic mistakes on The Enemy?). Life just got that much cheaper.


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