Saturday, July 09, 2005

"She has the terrorize!"

Found this nifty poster on Ebay for Cathy's Curse (aka Cauchemares (1977)), one of my favorite PD dollar DVD titles. It's very representative of the film it's promoting in the budget-minded approach to color, unimaginative layout, and half-assed tagline. Incidentally, there is no butler in this peculiar Canadian horror flick, which is a shame. Cathy's Curse does, however, contain the most bizarre false-scare in the history of horror cinema. Blood is found dribbled all over the sleeve of a coat in a closet and, after a bit of panic, Cathy's dad, The Voice of Reason, reaches up onto a shelf above the clothes and pulls down two bottles of blood! "One tipped over." he says with relief. They belonged to his late father, he explains, who "used the stuff like a tonic. He was always afraid he would run out of his own!" And everyone has a good laugh. So his dad used to drink blood? Like a tonic? And kept it unrefrigerated in a closet? And it never congealed? Moments like that make me wonder if Cathy's Curse was perhaps made by extraterrestrials.


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