Monday, July 18, 2005

Let's Do the Time-Warp Again!

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Here's short and sweet Abbott and Costello 2-pager from the 1955 Film Fun Annual drawn, it appears, by the same hand responsible for the 1938 Wheeler and Woolsey strip I posted here earlier. The editors of Film Fun were remarkable for their conservative doggedness, only dropping comedians and comedy teams from their pages after they died or formally split. Joe E. Brown, for instance, was featured in his own Film Fun strip for almost thirty years, disappearing in the late 50s, eons after his film career had fizzled. 1956-57 must have been hell for the permanently time-warped FF. Regulars Oliver Hardy and Frank Randle died and Abbott and Costello went their separate ways after Dance With Me Henry. While Martin and Lewis received their own FF comic in 1956, the last five years of the UK weekly saw a resurgence of home grown talent with Terry-Thomas, Tony Hancock, and Tommy Cooper taking pride of place... all drawn to the end in the same antique style you see here .


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