Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Return of Society's End?

Blues guitar whiz Josh Foster and I formed the guitar/keyboard combo Society's End waaaaaaay back in 1994 and produced Toast Kit, the experimental album that unleashed the wonders of Pastor Edwards and The Ballad Of Lobster Boy upon the world. Now, eleven years later, the possibility of a second Society's End album has finally arisen. No guarantees, but a new album looks more likely to happen than not at this point.. and if it does happen, I promise the results will turn your frown sideways. Stay tuned.

Toast Kit CDs are available, incidentally. Contact me at for more info.

Why, yes! That is a picture of Felix Adler on our album cover! How ever did you guess?

Society's End, 1994. Aaron Neathery (left) and Josh Foster (right) Don't make us angry.


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Mmm... so what?

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