Sunday, May 15, 2005

Gorilla? What Gorilla?

Hey! Guess what! Bush lied! For all of you who knew in your hearts (and, much more importantly, in your brains) that the Iraq War was an illegal and predetermined act built upon a network of cheap BS, the Downing Street Memo is a bittersweet vindication, especially in the wake of the thousands of deaths and the general chaos that have resulted from neocon blundering. The American corporate press is only now waking up to the Memo's existence after it has been taking center stage in the UK media for over a month. It's not going away, and the longer it sits there like the proverbial 800 pound gorilla in the living room, the greater grows the cognitive dissonance over Bush's illegal war. Certainly, the American public may be much more immune to the Real World than the rest of the planet's population, but there has to be a tipping point. Not even in my most cynical moments do I really believe this Administration is going to get away scot-free with the monumental crimes they've committed. The only questions are "when" and "at what cost". And many thanks to Rep. Conyers for being responsible enough to jump on this issue. has more. And here are the complete contents of the Memo.


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