Tuesday, February 01, 2005

1930s Media Obscurities on Parade!

Two items of note this week.

1) Pop culture blogger and friend 'o mine Bill Sherman is writing reviews for a number of extremely obscure pre-code 30s comedies that I sent him on a whim. His review of Joe Cook's Rain or Shine (1930) is already up and next he'll be covering Soup To Nuts (also 1930) starring the brilliant Ted Healy and his stooges. Among the other features I sent which I hope he'll be covering are Just Imagine (1930), the unspeakably bizarre El Brendel science fiction musical, Follow the Leader (1930), Ed Wynn's first, and best, talking star vehicle, and Hips, Hips, Hooray! (1934), my favorite Wheeler and Woolsey picture. A few Clark and McCullough shorts were tossed in as well. Weezelzee..

2) I've donated scans from my copy of the Aesop's Movie Fables Book to animator Steve Stanchfield so he can include them as extras on the Van Beuren DVD he's putting together. I'll be sure to mention it here when he finally puts it up for sale. I have several of Steve's Thunderbean DVDs and they're terrific, featuring crisp prints of rare 30s cartoons. Hell.. I never thought I'd see the complete Van Beuren Cubby Bear series on DVD! Steve's Ebay merchant ID is swat_the_fly and he posts DVD updates here. Buy his stuff. All of it. You won't be sorry.. unless you're one of those cartoon-hating heathens.


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