Monday, October 31, 2005

Tricks, treats, etc..

Sorry for the prolonged silence. Among other things that have kept me away, I've been setting up my new blog, The Third Banana, which debuts today (what a coincidence!). The Third Banana will be devoted to the lesser-known talents of the classic comedy world and I hope that, in time, it'll become to obscure comedy what Cartoon Brew is to animation (or what armadillos are to leprosy). And to help things along, I'm sharing the blog with two extremely talented individuals who are every bit, if not more, obsessed with these matters than I am, Nick Santa Maria and Geoff Collins. Be afraid. Be very afraid. I'm kicking things off with a list of my favorite horror comedies, a vintage Halloween-ish Joe E. Brown comic from the UK weekly Film Fun, a brand new/old Farnsworth and Katz audio clip, and a recipe for tripe and onions. Enjoy!


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